"Businesstorg" is the active participant of foreign economic activity
in the Tver region since 2014 engaged in wholesale trade of imported goods , such as clothing, footwear,textiles, consumer electronics and many other high demand consumer goods.

Our company is not standing still and is actively working on building the business and promising relationship with our many suppliers from many countries

We are interested in the effective development of not only their business, but the business of our
partners and customers, allowing them optimally to minimize their costs and
most advantageous to operate with "Businesstorg".

The main advantages of "Businesstorg" are the quality of imported products its demand in the Russian market and the profitability of its acquisition for our clients. We welcome new, mutually beneficial, stable and long-term relationships.We welcome new, mutually beneficial, stable and long-term relationships.

the company "Businesstorg"